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Baxter Pomade Mixer Kit

How's Your Hair?

Whether you’re headed to Monte-Carlo for some high stakes craps action or jetting off to a low-key beach vacation in Thailand, you’re going to want to look good when you get there. So don’t forget to pack some high-quality hair products, like this convenient, travel-sized Baxter Pomade Mixer Kit. It’s comprised of four TSA-approved tubs of Baxter’s most popular men’s hair pomades, including Clay Pomade, Hard Water Pomade, Cream Pomade and Hard Cream Pomade, for varying levels of hold and shine. The best part about this handy kit—besides how easily it can get up and go—is that you can mix and match the pomades to get whatever look you’re going for. That will come in especially handy when the weather changes from the humidity of an island to the oxygen-filled air of a casino. Clever.

Banyan Tree, Phuket

Ah, Phuket.

We know we don’t have to sell you on Thailand as a destination, especially near the Andaman Sea, where islands sit like little droplets of paradise in a watery, turquoise blue expanse. One of those islands is Phuket and one particularly heaven-like place to visit is the Banyan Tree Phuket. The recipient of Condé Nast Traveler’s 20th Annual Readers' Choice Awards, where it scored 2nd place, this is the perfect spot to check in when you just want to check out for a while. Sitting on 400 hectares, the Banyan Tree Phuket consists of elegant buildings styled with traditional Thai architecture, packed with modern amenities, from private villas to common areas.

The property also boasts 3k of pristine beach, 30 restaurants and bars (don’t worry, you can get around via shuttle), a dedicated fitness pavilion complete with exercise classes and of course, a world class spa. If you’re looking to mix a little business with your pleasure (or perhaps just choose the world’s best meeting spot), there’s a business center plus legendary golf and tennis courts, for those clients who like to be entertained while negotiating. Of course, you’ll probably just want to forget about your worldly duties and melt away with your special lady, so instead, you could just book a villa with a private jacuzzi, and take advantage of Banyan’s romantic amenities like their pool bar, a moonlit dinner on a floating pontoon or a simple bathtub full of flower petals. Don’t forget to pick your preferred pillow and sign up for some cooking classes too. Nothing is quite an aphrodisiac than whipping up some authentic Pad Thai and feeding your loved one in your private jacuzzi.

Chang Beer

Drink Like A Winner

As your 5,000 square foot—yet still overflowing—trophy room implies, you are a winner. So it’s only fitting that your beer should have impressive accolades to match. Meet Chang Beer ($3.00). In just four years, Chang has managed to scoop up 50% of the market share in its home country of Thailand, and has been slowly taking over the world ever since, winning two gold medals in 2008 at the USA World Beer Championships, Monde Selection in 2009, and another gold at the 2010 World Beers and Drinks Selection. And there’s gold IN the bottle too—a golden honey color, that is.  Chang is a full-bodied and well-balanced lager, with a complex aroma that’s a smoky, peaty blend of sweet green apples and vanilla. Smells like a winner to us. But please, judge for yourself—preferably on a beach somewhere after the success of your covert op in Koh Samui.