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Striker Light Mine Professional

Shine A Light

Your newly acquired island off the coast of Madagascar is supremely charming, but until you find a generator powerful enough to support an estate of your size, you’re going to need SOME way to see. Stock up on Striker Magnetic LED Light Mines ($20.00). Each light has 12 powerful Lumen Tech TM LEDs in both white (8 LEDs) and red (4 LEDs), which serve 4 electronic light functions: low power, high output, red night vision, and a high visibility blinking red signal beacon. This baseball-sized, hands-free light has 11 neodymium Rare Earth magnets that sturdily stick to anything metal, which means providing light while you jigger with the carburetor, recalibrate the seismograph or rearrange letters on the refrigerator. Being in the middle of the Indian Ocean doesn’t make spelling “POO” on the ‘fridge any less funny.