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Uber Riders: I’m On A Boat!

In Uber’s never-ending quest to take over the world, the company has recently announced its newest service—a speed boat in Istanbul that can shuffle people back and forth between continents. That’s right, Uber users can now summon an UberBOAT to ferry them across the Bosphorus river, which in case you didn’t know, divides the city of Istanbul’s Asian and European coasts. But unlike Uber cab drivers, these aren’t just any random boat drivers who happen to own speed boats—these six- to eight-passenger vessels are operated by a legit Turkish company called Navette.

Available as an option through the regular Uber app, UberBOAT will offer rides along the Bosphorus’ most popular routes and stops, and fares are based on the distance traveled, ranging from about $18 to $161. If you think that sounds steep, you are correct, sir, however like the rest of Uber’s offerings, the main thing you’re paying for is convenience, as UberBOAT helps you avoid traffic on the roads, and crowds on the ferries. UberBOAT is in keeping with Uber’s trend of expanding into other vehicles besides cars—in India, Uber added an auto-rickshaw service to go up against local ride-sharing services. Next up: UberDONKEY?

Antagonist Yacht

Smooth Yachting

Sure, your Turanor PlanetSolar yacht is great to pick up the eco-friendly hotties, and your Wally-Hermes Yacht is great for parties, but sometimes you just need a smaller, luxury compact yacht for those more intimate excursions on the open sea. Check out the Antagonist Yacht, a stunning, 37-foot open weekend cruiser by Art of Kinetick that fuses pure art with unrivaled performance. You and seven of your closest friends can enjoy the same elegant lines, gorgeous finish and exquisite attention to details the fleet is known for, with comfortable seating for 8 around a multi-functional table and a sunbathing area astern. Inside, you’ll find an air-conditioned interior with designer fabrics and mood lighting, but the real thrill comes upstairs, where your unique pilot’s chair sits as an “ergonomic masterpiece,” fully adjustable with a small ‘fridge, picnic box and storage compartment, to keep your caviar close at hand while you hit a max speed of 42 knots or cruise at 33 knots. Kick back on the Antagonist’s Xtreme Maritime leather, with resistance to UV, sea water and suntan oil. No word on whether they can withstand the oil you use in your “Hot Oil Wrestling” parties, but there’s really only one way to find out.

Corsair 36 European Edition

Summa Summa Summa Time

Nothing says summer like a shiny new speedboat. Jump headfirst into the season with the Corsair 36 European Edition ($466,900). The latest design from Chris Craft offers unprecedented luxury and interior space for its category, while packing plenty of power. The Volvo-sourced standard twin V8 engines push out 840 horsepower and speeds up to 40 knots. Other “nice-to-have” features onboard include an extended fiberglass swim platform, a custom stainless steel windshield with Solex glass, a custom mahogany and stainless steel steering wheel, and an entertainment center complete with wet bar, cutting board and storage. The interior forward cabin also provides a comfortable 6’2″ of headroom, and even has a stateroom with a queen size bed at the rear, making the boat capable of sleeping a total of four. Choosing which three of your closest friends (girls) will be joining you is the most work you’ll do all summer.

Mercedes Marauder Cigarette Boat

Mo Mercedes, No problem

A self-described Mercedes aficionado, no one has more German sheet metal filling up their hangar than you do: the Mercedes Benz F Cell Roadster, Mercedes Benz G Wagon Edition 30, Mercedes Benz EC145 Helicopter, and Mercedes Mclaren SLR just to name a few. The only thing missing is the Mercedes AMG Marauder Cigarette Boat. The 50’ Marauder, unveiled at the 2012 Miami Boat Show features the same black and white exterior as its C63 Black Series counterpart. It’s sleek and comfortable, with more than 100 billet aluminum pieces used throughout the dash, grab handles, seat supports, sound system and trim accents. Powered by two Mercury Racing engines that push out 1,350 horsepower each, the performance speedboat will remind you why you can never have too many Mercedes in your life.