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Pop Cauldron Soap

Your New Favorite Bar (of Soap)

Do you fantasize about showering with your favorite presidential candidate? Neither do we. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shower with them. Or at least soap made in their honor. WTF are we talking about? Pop Cauldron Soap ($8-20), the handmade soap company that grabs its sudsy inspiration from the very headlines of pop culture—so yeah, there’s a soap for Bernie and Trump and movies and apps and other stuff. And they’re all made from 80+% organic and vegan ingredients like organic shea butter, coconut oil, hemp seeds and kooky stuff like spinach powder and glitter.

A bar of Feel The Bern soap smells like Fresh Air, while All Trumped Up smells like Cilantro Lime to commemorate The Donald’s friendly view of Mexicans. Then there’s Wakey Wakey!, which smells like the breakfast of champions, aka Sugar Maple Bacon, Hold Me Tinder, which smells like banana cream pie, for all those Tinder gals whose profile includes skills like swallowing a banana whole (we’re not kidding), and who could forget Miami Snow, a clear bar of soap that has a rolled up dollar bill, some tin foil and a couple of lines of faux cocaine on the inside. With artistry like that, we don’t even care what that one smells like.