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Honda VT 1300

This Bike’s For You

If ever there were a bike with your name on it, this would be it. It’s sleek. It’s smooth. For the love of God, it even shares your college nickname: The Slammer Bagger. Introducing The Slammer Bagger: Honda VT 1300. One of three concept bikes that Honda North America has unveiled, this marvel of a machine was based on a 2010 Stateline, and transformed by designer Erik Dunshee. It’s got fully adjustable air-ride front & rear suspension, a NAV/Multimedia system with a GPS speed display tucked into its fairing, three speakers, including a 10-inch subwoofer & 500-watt sound system, and a 23-inch spec designed front wheel. Its full custom bodywork, including a leather drop seat and two-tone Satin metallic black and pearl black paint is bound to get you noticed by the ladies—and keep the old nickname alive.