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I Believe I Can Fly…

Jesus Lizards can walk on water. That’s why they’re called “Jesus” lizards. But you’re just a human and your name isn’t Jesus. You would still really like to walk on water but you can’t. Except if you happen to be on an ArcaBoard ($14,900). A revolutionary breakthrough in transportation, an ArcaBoard lets you ride across any terrain, whether it’s earth or water.

About the size of a skateboard, the ArcaBoard is kind of like a mini helicopter you can ride, getting its lift from 36 high-power Electric Ducted Fans that are built into the board, and deliver 272 horsepower. For safety, the board was designed so that even if a few of the motors should fail, you’ll still have plenty of boost, and a built-in stabilization unit keeps you riding smooth in any condition.

To control and navigate the ArcaBoard you can either use your phone, or simply steer it with your body. Your new hoverboard charges in 6 hours with a regular charger, but if you spring for the ArcaDock accessory, you’ll be good to go in just 35 minutes.