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SBU V3| Self Balancing Unicycle

Look World, No Hands!

Your hands have got a lot to do, even when you’re on the go. Like twirl your moustache into the perfect handlebar, work that darn Sir Kensington Ketchup stain out of your tie, and deftly make use of your Bacon Flavored Toothpicks. All hard to do when gripping the handlebars of your Ducati 848 Evo. Perhaps today, you should take the SBU V3| Self Balancing Unicycle ($1,795) instead.

No handlebars or steering wheel needed, the SBU is controlled by natural leaning motions (think of the Segway) that command it to go, slow down, stop and turn. Its sensors, multiple 3-axis accelerometers and gyros, plus features like Turn Assist and Smart Sense “learn” your motions and guide you safely through your universe. And, it’s electric! SBU’s all-new battery system and high-torque motor is not only clean and green, it’s mean when you lean (sorry, had to go for the quadruple rhyme), going from 0-10mph in 3 seconds and hitting a top speed of 15mph. Sure, it’s no Ducati, but you really don’t want to try and operate a toothpick going much faster than that. And you do have your moustache to worry about.