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The Open Road

The Great American Road Trip.

Wind in your hair. Roadside BBQ in your belly. The 48 contiguous states as your oyster. There’s nothing like a good old, American road trip to give you a big, fat dose of what freedom feels like. And it’s all captured here, in “The Open Road: Photography and the American Roadtrip($65.00) edited by David Campany. This incredible photo book (and many historians) considers the photographic road trip to be a genre in its own right, and salutes the photographers who used American road trips as the basis of their life’s work.

After Campany’s introduction to this interesting concept, there are 18 chronological chapters that not only tell a visual story of American road trips, but include text about the artists who created them. From Robert Frank’s work, “The Americans” to Edward Weston, who set out to illustrate Walt Whitman’s infamous “Leaves of Grass” to contemporary photographer Ryan McGinley, who was one of the youngest artists to ever had a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. If “The Open Road” doesn’t make you want to grab a camera and jump in a convertible, we really don’t know what will.