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Wall Scrabble

It’s Art! It’s A Game! It’s Awesome.

Do you love word games? Do you enjoy feeling like you’ve shrunk? Wanna really freak out your friend who’s been hitting the WISPR Vape all afternoon? This oversized Wall Scrabble ($1,495) is for you. A super cool offering from Restoration Hardware, Wall Scrabble is the same word-making game you’ve always loved only a much larger, much more premium scale.

Based on the 1949 edition of Scrabble, this handsome, wall-mounted game is crafted from solid wood, and features magnetic letters that stick to the board, which boasts the same vintage graphics that appeared on the original game. It’s also got a built-in chalkboard for keeping score, plus four detachable magnetic tile racks that store each player’s tiles and has a chalk face you can write their name on. There’s even a big old fabric sack to hold the letter tiles when they’re not in use. Game on!

Clue Premier Collector’s Edition

Mystery Mayhem.

In your line of work, the question of “who done it?” is one that comes up often. Sometimes you know the answer and other times…well…you are the answer. But what you do in the Conservatory with the Candlestick is neither here nor there. Either way we know you’re a bit of a master of solving this type of riddle and have a deep appreciation for the board game Clue. Restoration Hardware’s Clue Premier Collector’s Edition ($275) satiates that sleuthing itch with a deluxe, three dimensional piece that includes a wood-paneled game box with nine sunken rooms and perfect renderings of furniture. The whole game looks so good it can be left out in the parlor without disrupting the impeccable décor or raising any eyebrows from guests. But most importantly, it can double as a playbook for some of the more interesting dinner parties you might be planning in the near future.

Regulation Bocce Ball Set

Bocce Baller.

If the Italians know nothing else (see failing economy), they know how to have a good time (see Silvio Berlusconi). You have them to thank for your new favorite leisure activity: lawn bowling. To be a real baller, pick up this Bocce Ball Set ($60.00) from Restoration Hardware. This beautifully crafted regulation version includes four oxblood red and four navy blue bocce balls and one target ball packaged in a rustic crate with rope handles and brass hardware. The Frisbee golf nerds are officially on notice.