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Aros Smart Air Conditioner

Is Your Air Conditioner Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

It’s 2014. Your Thumb Ring can make phone calls, your ski goggles have voice-guided GPS, and your bracelet speaks 25 languages. The last thing you have time for is a stupid air conditioner with an antiquated on/off switch. The Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner ($300) is much more your speed. Part of the lineup of smart products from Quirky + GE, the Aros is a very smart air conditioner indeed. First off, you can control the Aros from anywhere in the world with your mobile device, thanks to the Wink app. But the cleverness doesn’t stop there. The Aros was also designed to learn your habits over time, then teach itself to maintain the perfect temperature in your home, while maximizing your energy savings at the same time. The Aros does this by tracking your usage, schedule and budget, analyzing the current weather, and get this—turning itself on and off based on your smartphone’s GPS settings. But the Aros isn’t just impressive in how it’s connected, the unit itself is pretty advanced. It’s got a modern, sleek design, which allows for upward airflow to maximize circulation, and it features touch-capacitive sensors so you can switch between three cooling modes and three fan speeds with a simple touch of the finger. Brace yourself for one cool summer.