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From The Vault: Dec. 1953

A Playboy And His Bunnies

Who would’ve guessed that a half billion-dollar empire started from a guy selling his furniture, a $600 bank loan, and some love from his mother? That’s right, kids. Hugh Hefner launched Playboy magazine back in 1953 with a tiny bit of cash, a lot of luck and some old unused calendar nudes of starlet Marilyn Monroe.

“Playboy’s” first issue was purposely undated because Hefner was unsure whether or not there would even be a second issue. Turns out, men really like photos of naked ladies. The issue sold out in weeks and Playboy has been a force to be reckoned with ever since.

Some of the most beautiful and famous women on earth have graced the pages of “Playboy,” like Bettie Page, Madonna, Cindy Crawford, Jenny McCarthy, Kim Kardashian, Pam Anderson, and Carmen Electra, just to name a few. Stories by best-selling authors Haruki Murakami and Margaret Atwood have been published in the magazine, as well as interviews with Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and even President Jimmy Carter. 63 years after its creation, the Playboy Bunny logo is one of the most recognized in the world, right alongside Nike and Apple.

Part of “Playboy’s” success is its ability to adapt to the times. Starting March 2016, the publication has decided not to feature fully nude women in its magazine. Because really, anyone can see a naked chick (or a million) with a quick Google search. There goes your unique selling point. So they decided to get back to the basics and make it all about the content.

To test their theory, in 2014, they relaunched Playboy.com as a “safe for work” site—meaning no bare boobies and awesome content. Their unique visitors jumped 258% and the average reader age dropped from 47 to around 30. So it looks like Hef isn’t down for the count yet. And we’re rooting for him all the way.


Books So Interesting You Might Stop Streaming

We know it’s tough to compete with “Fargo” and Aziz Ansari, but these coffee table books really are worthy of a binge break. Glossy and awesome and bursting with pop culture, our favorite coffee table book collection covers everything from the Rolling Stones’ backstage antics to the secrets of “Saturday Night Live” to the history of the basketball shoe and graffiti art. Happy flipping.

Minx: Raquel Welch

The Most Desired Minx.

Fact: nothing can make you weak in the knees quite like a minx in a bikini (please refer to Joanna, Lucy, Amber, and Miranda if you’re willing to argue that theory). But we’ve managed to find one thing trumps a minx in a bikini, and that’s a minx in a fur bikini. The icon we’re referring to is none other than the multitalented Raquel Welch, of course. First noted in her breakout role in “Fantastic Voyage,” Raquel wasn’t truly catapulted to stardom until her role in “One Million Years B.C.” where she was seen sporting her now-infamous doe skin bikini.

Okay, so Raquel only had three lines in the entire film, but her curves in “mankind’s first bikini” crowned her the leading star in pretty much everybody’s book. And one magazine. Those curves in that bikini that landed her recognition by “Playboy” and ultimately, the title of “Most Desired Woman Of The 1970’s.” Not a small feat when you think about the fact that Farrah Fawcett and Daisy Duke were running around back then. But Raquel is more than just a sex symbol. She’s won a Golden Globe for her role in “The Three Musketeers,” received honors as a Broadway star and nightclub performer, and is even a published author—if you count “The Raquel Welch Total Beauty Fitness Program” book. At 73, Raquel still carries those same curves she had decades ago when she first started her career. Wonder if that bikini is still around too…

Minx: Brittany Binger

The Minx That Bares It All.

You’ve always said that there was nothing sexier than a lady comfortable in her own skin, especially if she’s naked. Which is why Minx: Brittany Binger is a contender for the sexiest minx alive. Brittany, also known as the Bing was born in Bellevue, Ohio and raised on a dairy farm. Brittany began modeling at the tender age of 13 with Ford Models. Since then she’s appeared in spreads for “Playboy” and “FHM” magazines and proudly carries the title of Playmate of the Month for June 2007.

You could find her making cameos on television hits “The Girls Next Door,” “CSI: New York”, and “Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out” or in her first big screen role in the film “School Dance” starring funny man Kevin Hart and Amber Rose. When she’s not modeling or acting she prefers a quiet night at home with her bed and her TiVo. Brittany originally planned to grow up to be a Kindergarten teacher, however couldn’t resist the allure of Hollywood. But we told Britt not to worry, we’re sure you’ll let her teach you something…

Playboy Portable Hard Drive

Putting The Hard In Hard Drive.

The book of “Playboy’s Greatest Covers”. Quite possibly the best men’s gift you’ve ever received. But there’s only one problem with it—all it did was leave you thirsty for more “Playboy.” Allow us to oblige, by presenting you the Playboy Cover To Cover Portable Hard Drive ($300). Believe it or not, this tiny 3” x 5” inch, 250GB hard drive contains every single issue “Playboy” has ever released from 1953 until 2010. That’s over 650 issues, more than 100,000 pages, and too many titties to count.

Oh wait, there are also interviews, fiction by some of the most influential writers of our time, even the original ads that appeared in the magazines when they ran. It comes with powerful magazine browsing software from Bondi for your Mac or PC, that lets you quickly and easily search, view, explore and organize the entire archive in two shakes of a Playmate’s tail. Just attach the hot-swappable (wow, even the technology sounds exciting) USB bus powered portable hard-drive, install the Playboy Cover to Cover program and you can immediately start browsing—the articles that is. See you next month!

Minx: Gemma Lee Farrell

The Bad Girl Minx of Instagram

We've been on Instagram lately. And we can say with some confidence that it's not exactly G-rated. So the fact that Minx: Gemma Lee Farrell, aka “Playboy” Playmate of the Month for November 2013 got booted off the ‘gram for being too racy is pretty much proof that she's a badass. But don't worry, she's back on Instagram (phew) and her postings are hotter than ever. A native of New Zealand, Gemma holds the honor of being the first Kiwi to pose for “Playboy.” And here’s a little fun fact—the magazine’s photographers actually discovered her on Instagram. In addition to her centerfold, Miss Farrell has been the spokesmodel for Monster Energy Drink, making many welcome appearances at their skateboarding and motocross events. She’s also starred in an Australian movie and—get this—she also once worked at the parole office at a prison, but as she explained in an interview, she had to quit, “as too many inmates had my poster on their wall and it got a bit creepy.” Probably a wise decision, Gemma. Good on you.

Minx: Nikki Leigh

This Minx Will Make 2016 Very Nice Indeed.

You may recognize Minx: Nikki Leigh from her centerfold in May 2012’s “Playboy” when she held the honor of Playmate of the Month. Or from her starring role in the new “Two Hearts” video…or from one of her many hosting gigs or TV and movie roles. Because let’s face it, Nikki’s got a face (and physique) that’s hard to forget. A true California girl, Nikki was born and raised in SoCal, and also happens to be a California State University of Fullerton Cum Laude and Golden Key Honor Society graduate.

After school, Nikki put her brains and quick wit to use as a radio host for “Playmates Present” on Sirius XM (now on PlayboyRadio.com) and Fantasy Sports Radio. Though Nikki is great on the airwaves, she really shines in front of the camera, which explains why she was chosen to host the 2012 Espys red carpet event for RadarOnline and a local California TV channel. Ever on the up and up, Nikki parlayed her screen time and acting ability to roles on “Two and a Half Men” and the wildly successful movie “The Wedding Ringer.” But thankfully, Nikki is sticking to her calendar roots, and is due out with her very own calendar for 2016. Here’s to a very happy new year for both Nikki and all of us.