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Theseus Bamboo Table

Ping Pong Anyone?

This isn’t ping pong. It’s table tennis. And damn is it classy. Bust out your gold-plated paddles and get ready for the game of your life, on the stunning Theseus Bamboo Table ($15,875). We’ll warn you now—this is not your grandpa’s tennis table, to be shoved in the back of the rec room somewhere. The Theseus table deserves to be front and center in any room of the house. It’s handcrafted, sanded, polished and fitted by skilled artisans at Eleven Ravens, using only the finest bamboo wood. The company responsible for such a magnificent piece of sporting equipment/art, Eleven Ravens, was founded by a professional tennis table player, a group of serious advocates of the sport, and internationally renowned graphic designer Bernard Semerdjian, who serves as the primary designer for these premier tables. Clearly, these guys and their tables mean business. Better start brushing up on your serve.

Jaques & Dunhill Table Tennis

Table Tennis Anyone?

Just in time for your man cave’s yearly refurbishing, Jacques of London has collaborated with the men’s luxury goods experts at Dunhill for the most kickass tennis table the world has ever seen.  It’s crafted from solid wood and finished with an all-black cellulose and resin bonded surface, and when you’re not in a paddle-happy mood, its a solid Heist leather cover keeps up appearances, and even comes complete with a place to stow your paddles and balls. And in case you were wondering, yes, it meets all international requirements, so if your man cave happens to be on your yacht, don’t worry about challenging that rapscallion in Monaco to a set.