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15 Rides To Take You Off The Beaten Path

Roads are great and everything, but they’ve got all sorts of rules. Speed limits, lights, signs, blah, blah, blah. To really let loose, you’ve gotta leave the road in your rearview and delve into uncharted territory, whether on land or water. Start here, with an ultra-luxurious, yet fully armored SUV, a cross between a Jet Ski, skateboard, and personal battle tank, plus the largest-wheeled amphibious vehicle money can buy and more. Giddyup.

Can-Am Maverick X DS

Turbocharge Your Summer Fun.

What’s better than tearing through the Imperial Sand Dunes of southern California on a perfect summer’s day? Tearing through those same dunes in a turbocharged beast with more power, more torque and more badass-ability. To do it, you're going to need a Can-Am Maverick X DS. Not only is the Maverick X DS the first factory installed Turbo with 121 hp, it’s got 40% more torque than its closest competitor (we’ll give you a hint—that means the Polaris RZR).

It’s also packing a completely redesigned clutch with a Quick Response System that ensures a better transfer of power, plus a new and improved CVT airflow for better cooling. For awesome handling that can, well…handle all that power, engineers gave the new Maverick X DS a longer wheelbase and 16 full inches of travel suspension with FOX piggyback shocks specially built exclusively for them. Can we get a Yeeeeeeeeeeehaw?