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Ecco Camper By Nau

Back To Nature In The Future

Sure, Mother Nature is bountiful and wonderful, what with all of her flora and fauna and magical shooting stars. But roughing it in Mother Nature can get kind of, well, rough. Luckily, the concept Ecco Camper Concept by NAU could change all that. This sleek, all-electric mobile camper will not only get you to that perfect little nook in the woods, it can serve as your home once you get there. The aluminum and glass capsule turns on its head when you take it from Driving Mode to Living Mode, where you can enjoy foldable beds, a toilet, and private rear access. Its roof has transparent panels for stargazing and is equipped with built-in photovoltaic panels and a solar sail roof that help power the vehicle, along with its 240V plug. We think it’s fair to say that Mother Nature will appreciate the green efforts on your part, so perhaps she’ll put in a good word with the birds to aim away from your windshield.