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Animal Shot Glass

Embrace Your Animal Spirit.

Though you would never shoot an actual furry tiger (you find them to be majestic creatures—just look at that Richard Parker from "Life Of Pi"—he's a real a class act), you may actually find it quite fun to shoot a tiger filled with tequila, rum, or any other sort of high-proof liquid, with these Animal Shot Glasses ($28.00) by Mollaspace. Cool and modern looking—almost like sculpted chess pieces or like something out of a "Game of Thrones" Monopoly set, this awesome set of shot glasses includes a Wolf, Tiger, Bear, Bull and Rhino. Made of ceramic and pewter, each glass was designed to stand on either end without falling over. Choose from black or white and let the shooting begin!

Home Storage System

A Cool Place To Stuff Your Stuff

Shrunken heads from Ecuador and Peru. Assorted “Star Wars”-themed paraphernalia. Jellyfish skeletons. Your inventory of collector’s items goes on and on. And while sometimes it’s fun to treat your guests to a little show and tell, you can’t very well keep all your treasures out in the open all the time. Luckily, this awesome Home Storage System ($20.00) from Waku is both a great place to stash your goodies and an interesting way to add to the decor of your room. Disguised as a retro home entertainment system, including a clock, radio, speaker and TV, the pieces of this storage system are actually canvas bins that each have their own lids. Choose your own configuration of old-school electronics to keep it real and keep it neat and tidy. We’re sure your Lightsaber Chopsticks and Death Star Lollipops will love their new home.

Hexagon Plate

Snack Attack Tactic #1

As any tapas-loving, civilized Spaniard will tell you, you can’t serve drinks without at least a little nibble. It just isn’t done. So the next time you have guests over for a happy hour or an after hour, the very least you can do is serve up some sumptuous snacks on equally delightful dishes. Like the Hexagon Plate ($8.00). This stylish, multifunctional tabletop tray consists of three hexagons attached to each other, and are just begging to be filled with various nuts from your last foray into the forests of Spain, or any other type of berry, olive or yumyum you find good to eat. Place a bunch of Hexagon Plates next to each other to form a funky geometric shape, and let the noshing begin. Both colors, the clear and the pale green will set off the colors of your nuts just perfectly.

Armed Notebooks

Words to Live Die By

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword. Well, now, the pad just got some scary-ass street cred too, with MollaSpace’s Armed Notebooks ($60.00). 3D glocks, knives, and hand grenades grace the covers of these black, spiral bound notebooks, whose pages are clean, lined, or gridded, depending on your particular needs for your world domination scheme. Or, you know, it’s just a neat place to keep your grocery list. Aren’t you low on Kashi?