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Avatar Shadow Boxing

You and Chuck Liddell go way back. You gave him dating advice and stock tips—he gave you tips about grappling and his signature sprawl-and-brawl technique. He’s a great guy. But he’s not around to train you all the time. Luckily, the Nexersys ($7,750) is. This incredibly unique system is interactive and intelligent, designed to deliver a high intensity MMA Interval Training workout through technique, strike, core and cardio video training, plus Avatar sparring rounds. It’s simple: four minute video rounds include 30 seconds of warmup and instruction, 3 minutes of active exercise and a 30 second recap and cool down. You hit seven strike pads in key target zones, and the Nexersys records the velocity, angle and action of each strike, then analyzes the data for your performance feedback at the end of the workout. Pretty freakin’ cool, huh? Now next time Chuck swings by, you can show him how well you kick Avatarass.