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McIntosh MT5 Turntable

For Vinyl Lovers. And We Mean Lovers.

Two days ago, the Beatles celebrated their 50-year anniversary of performing on the “Ed Sullivan Show” where they changed the face of music forever. If you’re anything like us, that means you’ve been giving your Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set quite the workout. Give that sweet vinyl the tender love it deserves with the McIntosh MT5 Turntable ($6,500). Engineered with the ridiculous level of quality you’d expect from a McIntosh, every piece of the MT5 precision turntable ladders up to one thing: superb performance. First, there’s the high performance platter and motor drive assembly, coupled with a precision tone arm and high output moving coil cartridge that also happens to be compatible with moving magnet inputs.

The coolest part? The platter is magnetically suspended, and gives off a fresh green glow that adds even more ambiance to your room, in addition to all the sweet music it’s kicking out. The magnetic platter, along with a precise belt drive motor ensure that your records are spun with absolute stability and quiet, for a perfect listening experience. Oh, and speaking of perfect playback, let’s not forget the tracking force, anti-skate force, cartridge overhang and arm height, which are all factory adjusted and preset for maximum performance. If this is all starting to sound complicated, fret not—the setup is as simple as the Beatles’ guitar chords—did you know there are 21 Beatles songs that use the same three chords—A, D, and E? Of course you did. Enjoy.

McIntosh AirPlay-Enabled McAire

Sound, McIntosh Sound.

If you got even a few cents of his box office gross for every time you were mistaken for Daniel Craig, you’d be making four times as much as him instead of just two. It’s tough to be so similar to a cultural icon, but when you have the looks, luck with the ladies, and crazy ninja moves it would be weird if you weren’t. The legendary sound gurus at McIntosh can relate. While they’ve been pumping out incredible audio equipment since 1949 they still get mistaken for a certain computer company from time to time. The McIntosh Airplay-Enabled McAire ($3,000) will definitely set them apart.

The integrated audio system delivers the legendary McIntosh look and sound quality in a compact size. Built in AirPlay® allows you to wirelessly stream music via your Wi-Fi network* from your (gasp!) Mac- or PC-based iTunes library, as well as music stored on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. The 31-pound shelf-sized system packs two 4-inch woofers, two 2-inch midrange drivers, and two ¾-inch tweeters to deliver the full range, high fidelity sound you’ve come to expect. Like box seats at the playoffs, paparazzi on your doorstep, and the best table in the house.