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MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Attraction

After your stint volunteering with Habitat for Humanity you came to realize that rough hands and a farmer’s tan can be a real turn-on for the females. Which is why you continue to dabble in tradesman’s work now and then. Next time you’re taking on a project add the MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband ($10.00) to your toolbox. Crafted from durable ballistic polyester and embedded with strategically placed magnets, MagnoGrip’s magnetic wristband keeps screws, nails, drill bits, and small tools on your wrist while you work. If you want to take it even further you could wear it along with your tool belt to your Mood Rocking Bed. In addition to the sexy role-play it might work nicely to keep a ring or a pair of earrings out of harm’s way.