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Magimix Vision Toaster

Tanning Your Bread

Some mornings, you don’t wake up…shall we say…your sharpest. You need a little time for your coffee (or a McClure’s Bloody Mary) to kick in, and reading the morning paper is completely out of the question. Something way more in your mental wheelhouse at that time? Watching bread become toast, in the Magimix Vision Toaster ($250) by Robot-Coupe. It’s the only toaster with a viewing window that lets you watch the toasting process in action, and also allows you to hit a button so it pops up when it’s browned exactly to your liking. Extra-wide slots can accommodate even the thickest bagels, and this puppy is built for the long haul—30,000 uses. That’s a lot of fuzzy mornings, but hey, you just may need them all.