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Bluesmart Carry-On Bag

Don’t Leave Home Without This.

If there’s one thing you know how to do, it’s travel smart, from your Salut Travel Collapsible Cup to your Hey Joe Coffee Mug to your Mile Low Club membership. A smart traveler like yourself deserves smart luggage, like the Bluesmart Carry-On Bag ($299). It’s pimped out with just about every piece of technology you would want in a piece of luggage—and some things you didn’t even think of—including a connection to its own smartphone app. For starters, there’s a digital scale that reports the weight of your bag directly to your app with a simple pull of the handle, so you never have to worry about surprise charges or checking at the airport again. Then, there’s a TSA-approved digital lock on the Bluesmart that you can control from the app, and set to lock automatically if you get too far away from it.

Speaking of being separated from your suitcase, the Bluesmart can send you distance alerts, and it also has a location tracking feature that answers the age-old question, “Where in the world is my f*cking luggage?” A similar feature can track where the f*ck in the world you are too. The Bluesmart can kick out trip data, with real-time reports about how many miles you’ve traveled, which airports you’ve traipsed through, even how much time you spend in each country. And because the folks at Bluesmart know your electronics are essential, they made special compartments for your laptop and tablet that give you easy access when you go through security and there’s even a built-in battery with 2 USB ports that can charge your phone or tablet up to six times. Bon voyage indeed.

Rimowa Cabin Trolley Iata

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin.’

Traveling to and fro between your business dealings of Singapore and your pleasure escapades at Bora Bora Four Seasons, all you really need is your laptop, Mini-Glove Business Card Holder and a pair of Speedos (they like it like that in French Polynesia). So the only suitcase you need is the Rimowa Cabin Trolley Iata ($550).

Resembling a badass briefcase with wheels and a handle, the Trolley Iata is part of Rimowa’s Classic Flight Collection, with a retro design that’s fashioned in aluminum. Two TSA combination locks keep your Speedos safe from sticky fingers, and on the inside, a Flex-Divider System on one side and Packing Straps on the other keep all your other goodies nice and neat. Bon voyage.

Kilburn RS No. 252

This Is How We Roll

A rolling stone gather no moss. Such rolling stones, who consistently jet between Malaysia’s Mandarin Oriental, Sweden’s Tree Hotel and the Makanyane Safari Lodge, should really invest in a Ghurka suitcase that knows how to roll with them. Introducing the Kilburn RS No. 252 ($1,195). Sophisticated yet durable, this handsome rollie doesn’t look like a rolling suitcase at all at first glance, but resembles a classic traveller’s duffel from yesteryear. Discreet wheels and a retractable handle keep it practical and make it modern—because honestly, even a rolling stone such as yourself needs a little comfort every now and again.

An extra-wide opening makes for easy packing and unpacking, and the No. 252 has two additional flaps that ensure extra protection for your wardrobe. Thoughtfully designed, the Kilburn also features multiple interior zippers that help you keep track of what’s where. Constructed from classic khaki twill, this designer piece of luggage is smartly trimmed with chestnut leather and heavy duty brass hardware. It’s also got a carrying handle, in case you’re feeling saucy, plus a luggage tag, so you’re sure to reunite again in case it happens to get lost between Lake Como’s Grand Hotel Tremezzo and your Turkish Cave Hotel, Yunak Evleri. Bon voyage!