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Mob Rules: Louis Ferrante

An Offer You Can't Refuse

Growing up watching The Godfather and friends with your nightly cookies and milk, you learned a thing or two about self-preservation, i.e. always check under the covers before getting into bed, avoid a kiss from your bro at all costs, and always be prepared to go to the mattresses! Now that you’re a savvy businessman, you can recognize the professional acumen an organization like the mob possesses. And for the first time you can get a glimpse inside with Mob Rules: What the Mafia Can Teach the Legitimate Businessman. ($21.00) Penned by an “associate” of the Gambino crime family, Louis Ferrante, the book reads like a colorful mob story laced with a business how-to. The book includes eighty-eight time-tested Mafia strategies, like: How to bury the hatchet-but not in someone's head, don't build Yankee stadium, just supply the concrete, and leave the gun, take the cannolis. You don’t have to be a wise guy to appreciate these gems. Pick up a copy today, lest you risk swimming with the fishes.