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Maserati Kubang Luxury SUV


Over the last decade, sporty luxury SUV’s have become a lot like you–everybody wants a piece of the action. Far be it from Maserati to sit this one out. Meet the newly remodeled Maserati Kubang SUV ($103,000). First introduced in 2003 in response to the Porsche Cayenne, the Kubang has been lovingly redesigned, repackaged and re-released into the wild, all under the tasteful eye of Maserati’s Lorenzo Ramaciotti. The basis of the Kubang is actually a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but the engine, suspension, steering and brakes are pure Maserati. You can expect an AT eight-speed automatic transmission, and a choice of several new engines, all designed by ex-Ferrari F1 engine designer Paolo Martinelli. With a Maserati pricetag, we’re not sure you’ll want to take this puppy off-roading, but again, like you, it sure is nice to look at.