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Rocksmith X Wu-Tang Keychain

Your Keys Ain’t Nothin’ To F*ck Wit.

The keys on your ring open up a plethora of fun. Your new Maybach Excelero, your old ’67 Ford Bronco, and of course, the doors to you and Lauren Mellor’s little lovenest. All good things, that you definitely don’t want people to f*ck with. Warn people properly with the Rocksmith X Wu-Tang Clan Keychain ($16.00). This golden Wu symbol not only functions as a triple keychain, it’s got a carabiner on it too, making it easily clippable, and uber style forward.

It’s crafted with Wu love by street clothing company Rocksmith Tokyo, a company known for its fusion of Japanese design and New York streetwear. The keychain is part of the Wu Tang Brand O.G Limited Collection, which follows on the heels of a successful Wu Massacre collaboration. Grab a Wu keychain and protect ya neck before they run out.