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Minx: Kelly Lebrock

Experiment Gone Right

You’ve always been into experimenting. From fiddling with software and creating an app to accidentally wearing two different color socks and introducing a new fashion trend, your ability to let go and “just see what happens” always works for you. This is probably because as a young man you were inspired by the movie “Weird Science” and the beautiful Kelly LeBrock. I mean who wouldn’t be into experimenting if what comes out of it is the perfect woman? LeBrock rocked science geeks’ minds everywhere when she exploded on the scene in the mid 80s. Her film career only had a few hits, but her photo spreads lived forever in the fantasies of young men everywhere. She was married to Steven Seagal and was actually in a movie with him called “Hard to Kill.” Together they have three children. And although she is now just a mom living in Santa Ynez, California her legacy lives on. She’s inspired many a chemistry projects and inventions by men everywhere, including you—who perhaps hasn’t made a woman out of chemicals yet, but has definitely attracted many with the art of trying new things.

Heroes: Gary & Wyatt

The Dorky Heroes

They created a woman. And not just any woman–Kelly LeBrock (Weird Science). That’s reason enough to be deemed heroes right there. Dare we even go on? We dare. Gary and Wyatt not only went from geeks to Gods in a single weekend flat, they took down massive amounts of Brown Dog Bourbon, snagged some hot chicks away from the school’s top popular douche knuckles, got Wyatt’s older brother, Chet, temporarily turned into a jabba-the-hut doppleganger, AND managed to clean and destroy all evidence of a raging party before Wyatt’s parents got home.

Hmmmmm, actually, now that we think about it, that other stuff doesn’t really matter all that much. Their hero status is still based solely on the Kelly LeBrok thing. Carry on.