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Bluelounge Mika

If You Got ‘Em, Flaunt ‘Em

You’re a collector of many things: cars, homes, and the hearts of women all around the world. And as an expert in gathering precious cargo, you know that it’s your duty to present them properly. You’d never put your 1966 Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 Coupe in an underground bunker, refuse an opportunity to show off your chateau in Montpellier. And you’d certainly NEVER give your friend Kate Upton a turtleneck. Because beautiful things need to be seen and admired (that’s why wearing a shirt is always optional for you). So when it comes to your many tablets and laptop devices, you need something that’s going to work with all their different sizes, shapes and functions. The Bluelounge Mika ($40.00) is the only stand you’ll need for this kind of presentation. From your MacBook to your iPad, everything can fit on this universal stand. Delicately crafted from a solid aluminum piece, this guy holds your gadgets at a perfect ergonomic angle. So no matter if you’re using them or merely displaying them, this stand does the job. Now all we have to do is find a way to organize your exotic pets in one area. The tigers keep eating your giraffes and those things are expensive.


Who Needs Apps?

So what that there are hundreds of thousands of iPad apps that give you the power to edit HD movies, read the world’s most poignant novels, or tour the universe. What you really need your iPad to do is hold up your stack of old Hustlers. Done. Introducing the iBookend, created by Dominic Wilcox. Just slip your iPad into the base and viola! Something sturdy for Miss July to lean against. Or you can get a little more creative and turn your iPad into a doorstop, a stand for bathtub Hulu watching, or simply a third arm, so you never have to hold your iPad again. Sometimes, simplicity can be pure genius.