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Blade App

Your Helicopter To The Hamptons Is Here.

Somebody get the Hampton Jitney a tissue. It’s been gently weeping since it’s been completely outdone by the newest, bestest, most badass way to get from NYC to the Hamptons—as in, by helicopter, via the Blade App. Your new favorite app allows you to book yourself a seat aboard a helicopter headed for the Hamptons with just three taps of your little finger. Blade instantly connects you with the fleet and pilots of one of the largest and well-established provider of owned and operated helicopters, Liberty Helicopters. Just peruse the schedule of flights headed out east, pick a time and get ready to transport yourself from city to sand in just 35 minutes, with no traffic, guaranteed.

Can’t find a schedule that works for you? You can launch your own crowdsourced flight to leave whenever you want. Offer up any empty seats back into the Blade community, and if your flight fills up—bam. You just paid the same price to fly on your own time than you would have for a regularly scheduled trip. If for some reason (i.e. stormy weather), your flight is cancelled, Blade’s “Get There Guarantee” will send a Maserati sedan instead, at no extra cost. Either way, you’ll arrive to your beach house in style. After all, precious summer weekends fly so fast. You should too.

Hero: Inspector Gadget

Go Go Gadget Hero: Inspector Gadget.

A potato-shaped nose. A flasher-style trench coat. Helicopter propellers that sprout from his head. It’s a far cry from the chiseled jaw, cape and X-ray vision we’re used to seeing on our heroes, but make no mistake about it—Hero: Inspector Gadget was awesome. As the titular star of the awesome cartoon that ran from 1983-1986, Inspector Gadget was a bumbling, cyborg detective (sort of like Colombo had sex with a robot), who stopped the evil doings of Dr. Claw and M.A.D, an evil organization with a new nefarious scheme every week.

More often than not (okay, it was every episode), Inspector Gadget’s crimes were really solved by his clever niece, Penny and their talking dog, Brian. But you’ve still gotta give Gadget credit for all those fabulous toys—feet that grow roller skates, arms that can infinitely retract, and a head full of goodies like magnifying glasses, flashlights, mallets, handcuffs, an extra set of hands, his own helicopter…not too shabby, Gadget. Not too shabby.

Mercedes-Benz Eurocopter

Luxury With Rotors

Leave it to Clooney to be right in the heart of the action. His summer home in Lake Como, Italy also happens to be the home of the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio, and the birthplace of the Mercedes-Benz Style EC145 Luxury Helicopter. The chopper itself is a twin-engine turbine Eurocopter EC145, with the latest developments in avionics, cockpit design, a sophisticated electrical system, and a hinge-less rotor system that produces low noise and vibration levels. Swanky, for sure. But the real luxuriating happens in the cabin, as only Mercedes-Benz knows how to luxuriate.  Ambient lighting adopted from the E- and S-Class series is perfect for admiring the elegant wood-paneled floors and ceilings, and posh leather seats. The cabin seats 8 comfortably, using space flexibly and effectively. Taking its modular design from the R-Class, all seats are mounted on rails and can be easily reconfigured or removed to accommodate luggage. And what luxury vehicle would be complete without a 15” monitor and DVD player, cool box, cup holders, and tables? Tell George to clear the helipad and bust out the Sambuca. You’ll be there by midnight.