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Google Odor-Detecting Device

Get A Whiff Of The Future.

Google is responsible for so many great things in life these days. Google Maps can get you un-lost anywhere in the world. Google Glass is forging the way in wearable tech, and of course, who can ignore the fact that you can Google pretty much anything you want, from “cute baby weasel” to “help i have a rash” to “hot MILFs” and get results in milliseconds. Now, Google may be helping mankind once again, with its new patent on Wearable Deodorant that not only helps you un-stink, it helps you avoid everyone in your social network if you do. Google Technology Holdings recently received a patent for an unidentified “odor removal device” that would consist of an activity sensor that can predict when you’re about to get body odor, and a sensor that knows when you stink.

Once your stench starts approaching a level that’s not socially acceptable, its automatic fragrance emitter and tiny fan blast you with a spritz to squash the stink. Just to be safe, however, Google’s new device connects to your social networks and can not only warn you if friends and contacts are nearby, it can give you alternate routes to get home without running into them and ruining your reputation forever. Of course, there’s no guarantee that this project will come to fruition just because it’s got the patent, but we’ve got to say, good looking out, Google. With you guys innovating for mankind, the future smells good to us.

Google Chromecast

Hi-Def Handsome.

As a sometimes actor/model/never a waiter, you're totally at home on the big screen. From that Times Square billboard showcasing your polished physique to the way your dashing face looks on the IMAX, your mug paints a pretty picture—eespecially if it's a big one. But it's time you start dominating the most important screen you know. The one in your living room. That's right, with Internet TV slowly out-cooling cable with shows like "House of Cards" and "Orange is the New Black," you can't be watching everything on your iPad anymore. Luckily, the the Google Chromecast ($35.00) is here—a simple new device that plugs straight into your TV and streams media from your network. All you need to do is to find the HDMI socket on your television, stick it in and voilá! Your Samsung S9 4K UHD TV is finally going to be put to good use by streaming your favorite "Funny or Die" videos, or anything else you want to see real big on the Internet (wink wink).

But you're probably asking yourself how you can browse all that incredible media on this little, tiny thing that looks like a flash drive. Well that's easy. Google made it, so of course it comes with a convenient smartphone app that lets you navigate the system straight from your iPhone. The other good thing about the Chromecast is that there are no wires or bulky boxes. Which is awesome because you don't need of that junk cramping up your sweet digs. All it needs is a WIFI signal. That's it. It's that easy. So before your new web series comes out you, you gotta get one of these to make sure you're as digitally delicious as your fans keep blogging that you are.