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Google’s Vertical Street View

Google Gets Vertical

It's already pretty incredible that Google Maps can help you navigate anywhere in the world, from the bowels of Brooklyn to the twists and turns of the tiniest hilltops of the Amalfi Coast. But now Google Maps is going where very few men and women—and definitely no 360-degree camera—has ever gone before. Introducing Google’s Vertical Street View, which launched with an incredible trip 3,000 feet up Yosemite’s most famous rock wall, El Capitan. It’s pretty much the same concept as street view, but instead of seeing a restaurant’s awning or the house you used to live in, viewers are treated to a firsthand look at what it’s like to scale this astounding national treasure.

To get the job done, Google employed the help of three of the most accomplished rock climbers in the world—Tommy Caldwell, who just completed the world’s hardest climb in Yosemite over a grueling 19 day-ascent in January of this year, Lynn Hill, the first human to free-climb “The Nose,” aka one of the hardest sections of El Capitan back in 1993, and Alex Honnold, who holds the speed record for conquering the Nose at 2 hours and 23 minutes (for comparison, we’d like to mention that most people take 3 to 5 days). Though it was definitely a challenge, the team worked with Google engineers and got “creative with the rigging” to figure out the best way to use the Street View cameras without dropping them and smashing them to smithereens. But they succeeded, and in doing so, have given the world ridiculously insane panoramic views of one of the world’s most iconic monoliths, with high-definition photography of El Capitan’s cracks, ledges, handholds and vistas. Not to mention capturing some legends at work, like watching Lynn Hill climb sideways on the Jardine Traverse and getting under—and more importantly over—the Great Roof.

The Vertical Street View includes 16 points along the way that go from the base of El Capitan all the way up to the top, including The Pancake Flake, about 2,000 feet up, and the Great Roof, which is one of the hardest points of the ascent, where climbers have to use just the tips of their fingers to scale up its tiny crack. Plus, you’ll get to see first-hand what it looks like to set up camp at El Cap Tower at night, as Tommy, Lynn and Alex settle down for a night’s rest in hanging beds known as portaledges—not your typical teepee situation. Besides showing armchair rock climbers all over the world what it’s like to scale a legendary sheer cliff-face, the climbers and the Google team hope to inspire more people to come visit Yosemite for themselves. And even if most people never get to make it, at least now we can all enjoy the view.

Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves

Swipe And Type In The Tundra

Baby, it’s cold outside. But does it mean that you shouldn’t take that selfie of you and that reindeer you just befriended? Does if mean your Instagram followers don’t need to meet your new antlered friend immediately? And finally, does it mean you can’t use Google Maps to get you the hell back to camp from the top of that mountain you’re on? No, to all of the above.

You should still be able to do all those things, and keep your fingers frostbite-free and looking good to boot, with these awesome Leather Crochet Touchscreen Gloves ($100). It’s all possible thanks to a revolutionary nanotechnology integrated into the leather of these stylish gloves that mimics the conductive properties of human skin.

Translation: you can use the capacitive touchscreen on your smartphone or tablet without taking your gloves off. Now, on to the style and warmth part. The gloves have a luxurious inner cashmere lining, while the outsides are crafted out of a beautiful blend of Ethiopian lambskin and Egyptian cotton crocheted together in a pattern that was quite en vogue in Europe in the 19th century. At the wrist, you’ll find a leather strap and a sophisticated black matte leather button that scream craftsmanship and style. If your Instagram followers aren’t impressed, we’re quite sure the reindeer will be.