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Madame’s Beard Tonic

Beard Grooming 101.

You know you have to groom your face. You know you have to groom your hair. But did you also know that you have to groom your facial hair? True story. There’s no bigger turnoff than a dirty, grungy, food-filled beard (despite the indisputable fact that leftovers are delicious), so keep your scruff in tip-top shape with Madame's Beard Tonic ($18.00).

The Madame’s special blend of natural oils like vitamin e, jojoba, argan, castor and sweet almond oil work to hydrate, soften, smooth and strengthen, for healthy facial hair that smells uber-manly. How manly? Pretty manly, thanks to flavors like Aged Bourbon: Kentucky Single Barrel, Laudanum: Tobacco + Black Tea, Sentinel: Leather, Dust Shaker: Mahogany + Sandalwood and more. All it takes is a few drops from these magical amber glass jars to attain the beard of your lady’s dreams. Just apply some to your palms, massage into your beard and consider yourself groomed.