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Books So Interesting You Might Stop Streaming

We know it’s tough to compete with “Fargo” and Aziz Ansari, but these coffee table books really are worthy of a binge break. Glossy and awesome and bursting with pop culture, our favorite coffee table book collection covers everything from the Rolling Stones’ backstage antics to the secrets of “Saturday Night Live” to the history of the basketball shoe and graffiti art. Happy flipping.

Biblioteca Shelving

Second Life

One of the things you love best about being a part of the CIA’s Octopus division (don’t worry, we’re using the code name—we’re not stupid enough to blow your cover on the internet) is the chance to constantly reinvent yourself. Today you’re Bill Fryman, tuna fisherman from New Bedford, MA. Tomorrow, you’re Sergei Petrovskii, a Russian oil mogul crossing international waters on his Antagonist Yacht. The day after, only time will tell, though you’re hoping it will involve wreck diving off the coast of Laos. Or maybe something with unlimited access to SPAM With Bacon? The Biblioteca Bookshelf ($500) shares your penchant for reinvention, because it actually used to be a vintage coffee table. Many vintage coffee tables, in fact. Canadian Furniture Designer Matt Carr found inspiration in creating the original bookrack for himself when he stumbled upon two stunning vintage coffee tables. After finding a creative way to give them new life, he decided, “Hey, this is pretty cool. I should share this idea with the rest of the world.” (Or so we assume.) Carr recreated the Biblioteca Bookshelf for Umbra with a mahogany natural top and black lacquered legs. Now your copies of “Genius and Heroin” and “The Pocket Guide To Mischief” can reinvent themselves as “coffee table books” despite being tucked away onto a shelf. Clever.

Stoner Coffee Table Book

You See What I See?

Remember that time in the Alps when you stared into that cup of hot chocolate for hours, mesmerized by the swirls of foaming milk chocolate? You may have been under the influence of a certain herb, or perhaps it was just the altitude. Next time you’re feeling high on life get lost in the Stoner Coffee Table Book ($12.00). The collection of highly entertaining images features dozens of funny, meditative, and mind-bending photos like old lady bunnies, brownies, labyrinths, cats and cupcakes. Keep it on the coffee table or pass it around the circle. Your buddies may actually remember to thank you for it.