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Pico Brew

Pico Brew

BIY – Brew It Yourself

Move over, Keurig, there’s a new countertop hero in town, and this one really knows how to party. Introducing Pico ($700), the beer-making appliance that looks like a coffee machine, but acts like your favorite bartender. Just like Keurig’s K-cups, you can make your very own craft beer from ready-to-brew PicoPak ingredient kits. And it’s not just crap, generic beer. Their BrewMarketplace has already signed over 75 breweries you know and love, like Rogue and Dogfish Head, and there are more signing on every day.

We should mention that unlike a cup of coffee, your beer won’t be dispensed the minute you press the button. First, you place each ingredient in its proper compartment (not rocket science), and after Pico works its magic, you have to add the yeast and let your beer to ferment in its keg. That’ll take a week or longer, depending on the brew, but the final product is well worth the wait.

Why wait? Well, the most obvious answer is the freshness factor, but there’s also the fact that PicoBrew’s online store is set to carry unique and limited release beers your local 7-11 just won’t have. You can also customize your PicoPak, adjusting the bitterness or alcohol levels to your personal preference. Thirsty for a taste? Pop over to Kickstarter and grab an early bird. Bottom’s up.