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Charlie Sheen Prank Call

Charlie’s On The Line.

You know what’s funnier than Charlie Sheen trying to sniff the fake cocaine off of your “The Night You Left Coasters”? Using his voice to make prank calls. Since his crazy speech on a radio show in 2011, Sheen’s rants have been captured on soundboards everywhere and used in some of world’s most amazing prank calls. You can check out some of the most hilarious ones when you search for Charlie Sheen Prank Calls at soundboard.com.

Some of our favorites include “Charlie Sheen Calls Alcoholics Anonymous,” “Charlie Sheen calls a Strip Club” and of course “Charlie Sheen – Winning.” So the next time you’re stuck on the line with your Internet provider’s customer service, you might want to borrow some of your pal Charlie’s catch phrases to add some levity to your frustration. We promise it’ll make all those awkward times he crashed your parties worth it.