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Chang Beer

Drink Like A Winner

As your 5,000 square foot—yet still overflowing—trophy room implies, you are a winner. So it’s only fitting that your beer should have impressive accolades to match. Meet Chang Beer ($3.00). In just four years, Chang has managed to scoop up 50% of the market share in its home country of Thailand, and has been slowly taking over the world ever since, winning two gold medals in 2008 at the USA World Beer Championships, Monde Selection in 2009, and another gold at the 2010 World Beers and Drinks Selection. And there’s gold IN the bottle too—a golden honey color, that is.  Chang is a full-bodied and well-balanced lager, with a complex aroma that’s a smoky, peaty blend of sweet green apples and vanilla. Smells like a winner to us. But please, judge for yourself—preferably on a beach somewhere after the success of your covert op in Koh Samui.