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FIELD Loop Bottle Opener

Because Men Love Tools. And Beer.

Ever since the first primates started using rocks to break open some nuts, man has evolved to love—nay, need—his tools, whether it's a Hardcore Hardware Rhino for household projects, a Stake 3-in-1 BBQ Tool for grill duty or a Martini Master for when 5:00 rolls around. Well, here's another indispensable tool to add to your artillery—the FIELD Loop Bottle Opener ($35.00).

Perfect for Miller Time or any beer time, really, this brew popper is fittingly from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Designer Oscar Diaz really simplified the FIELD Loop Bottle Opener, approaching it as a simple industrial tool made with rugged material on the inside and finished with a swanky satin electropolish on the outside. The result is a must-have tool for beer lovers that will be poppin’ tops for as long as you’ll be slugging them back.

Coolest Cooler

Party In A Box

Turns out, “Party In A Box” is not just your nickname in college. It’s a real thing, also known as the Coolest Cooler, and yeah, it really does let you take the party with you wherever you go. The #1 most funded project on Kickstarter (at the time of this writing, backers had pledged $13,285,226—well past its goal of $50k), it’s clear that people feel the need to party on the go. So, what’s so awesome about the Coolest Cooler? First off, there’s a built-in, ice crushing blender, which means you can make margaritas, pina coladas or daiquiris pretty much anywhere on earth. Amazing in and of itself. But, there’s more! It’s also got a built-in waterproof Bluetooth speaker (that’s also removable) AND a USB charger to keep your devices juiced up and ready to go. Then, just to show that they really did think of all your party needs, there’s a built-in bottle opener (how often do you lose track of those?), an LED lid light so you can see while you party in the dark, plus a cooler divider that doubles as a cutting board (don’t forget the limes!) and integrated storage for plates and knives. The Coolest Cooler also has bigass, extra wide tires so it’s easy to roll onto the beach. Sunset margaritas by the surf anyone? Uh, yeah.

Knuckle Bottle Opener

Who’s Thirsty?

Like a sixth sense, you can feel it when someone really needs a beer—kind of like that mother elephant you saw in Makanyane Safari Lodge, who instinctively knew when it was time to feed her young. Being the provider that you are, you always come equipped to handle such dire situations, thanks to this Drinique Knuckle Bottle Opener ($24.00). The world’s first Knuckle Bottle Opener ever (so far as we can tell), this neat little tool fits so perfectly into the nooks and crannies of your hand, you’ll feel comfortable enough to wear it all night…and day, if that’s the way you roll. Made in the USA from aircraft grade billet aluminum, the Drinique Knuckle Bottle Opener is dishwasher safe and sturdy enough to open years worth of Changs, Hemp Ales, Banana Bread Beers, and Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ales, whenever anyone should need to quench their thirst. Bottom’s up.

Trayvax Wallet

Hands On A Hard Wallet

A great scholar once said, “Mo’ money, mo’ problems.” But in your experience, it doesn’t matter if you’re tooling around St. Barts in your yacht or dominating in an underground Muay Thai tournament – the only money problem you have is how to hold it all. And since you’re a man who knows how to live well, you’ll need a wallet that’s as versatile as you are. Enter the Trayvax Wallet ($25.00) on Kickstarter. It’s a virtually indestructible, multi-faceted, money filled revelation – kind of like someone else we know. Similar to the ripped 8-pack you’re sporting, the Trayvax has a hard-body all its own. The anodized aluminum front plate keeps it light on its feet while the powder coated steel back allows it to take a beating and shake it off like a man. Also like you, attention to detail adds refinement to all the brawn. Rounding out the brute strength of the design is an included carabiner clip, bottle opener, and reusable grocery bag which, along with a hook and finger grooves, allows you to turn this utilitarian device into a sleek and sexy cuisine-toting gourmand. So whether you’re pulling out the black card to pick up your new suit, or putting your money where your mouth is by bringing home the apple-smoked heritage farm bacon, the problem of where you’re going to put all your dollar dollar bills, may have just been solved.

Luchador Bottle Openers


Okay, okay, so you’ve been banned from ever attending any more Mexican Wrestling matches…for life. (How were you to know those sharp, pointy taco edges would be so lethal?) Fret not. Now you can reenact your favorite wrestling moves with every Hemp Ale, Whales Tale Pale Ale, and Noche Buena Beer you open, thanks to these Luchador Bottle Openers ($17.00). Brought to you by the fun-loving company Kikkerland, each bottle opener is a mini wrestler applying an awesome lock (Headlock, Scissor Lock, Pile Driver–three of your personal favorites) to hold your bottle and free your beer. Designed by Andres Lhima as part of the Mexico Design Challenge, these ferocious little muchachos are made of stainless steel and ABS with a rubberized coating, and come in blue, red and black. Take a gamble when you order, as you never know which lock or color will show up. But as in Mexican Wrestling, being surprised is really just part of the fun.

Butterfly Knife Styled Bottle Opener

Have Your Beer Flash Before Your Eyes

Ever since you completed your advanced MMA training (just for fun), and registered yourself as a deadly weapon, you donated most of your knives to charity (except the Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger—that thing is just sweet). If you miss the feel of a butterfly knife in your hands, try this instead: the Butterfly Can Bottle Opener ($8.00). Constructed from stainless steel with a locking catch, this baby swirls, flashes and scares the bejesus out of foes like a real butterfly knife, but instead of opening someone’s main artery, you’ll be cracking open a case of Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale. Which is way less messy, and a much better way to spend your Saturday night than finding a place to stash a body.

Police Badge Bottle Opener

Freeze! I’m Thirsty

Though some of your extra-curricular activities may sometimes live outside the law (two words: exotic pets), for the most part, you’re an upstanding, law-abiding citizen. Which is precisely why this Kikkerland Police Badge Bottle Opener ($15.00) is perfect for you. It commands the respect and attention you need when you’re in dire need of assistance…opening a beer, that is. Only 1/16th of an inch thick and the size of a credit card, the Badge Bottle Opener fits easily in your pocket of wallet—or, if you’re gonna go rogue style, strapped to the inside of your ankle. Hey, when it comes to impromptu beer drinking, you never want to let your guard down.