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Bakon Vodka

Six Degrees Of Bakon

Forget about how far removed you are from Kevin Bacon–your main concern should be how far you are from a bottle of this. Bakon Vodka ($26.00) is exactly what it sounds like–smooth, high-quality vodka with a savory bacon flavor. Racking up all kinds of awards in 2010, from the likes of The Tasting Panel, SIP International Awards, the Beverage Tasting Institute and Beverage World, this delicious infusion took two years to perfect. It starts with superior Idaho potatoes, and is column-distilled using a single heating process, then infused with the essence of crisp, heavenly, peppered-bacon. The result is a clean, smoky, bacon-flavored spirit that’s a must in your next Bloody Mary, or any one of their featured concoctions, like The Pickled Bakon Martini, a Waffle Shot, Salted Caramel Bakon Martini, or The Elvis Presley (as you can imagine, there’s a banana involved). It’s the perfect thing to serve next time Kevin and Keira come over for brunch.