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TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator

Po-Po Alert

It’s not that you’re not an incredibly safe driver, it’s just that sometimes your Bugatti Veyron needs to stretch her legs a little bit, which requires traveling at just slightly above the speed limit. Since paying for a speeding ticket each time you take your Veyron for a romp would seriously suck, you might want to invest in the TrapTap Speed Trap Indicator.

The TrapTap is not a radar detector, it’s a perfectly legal device that warns you about upcoming speed traps, school zones, red light cameras and cops hiding in the bushes along the highway. Just stick it on your dashboard and look out for its flashing lights—different colors indicate different snares.

How does it work? The TrapTap has been pre-mapped to show every red light camera and school zone in over 60 countries. Users in the community can then mark the location of every police car and mobile speed trap they discover in their locale. It blinks when you’re nearing a trap, or you can set it so that it will only blink if you’re speeding near one.

Download the App to connect your TrapTap to Bluetooth and toggle the features on and off directly through your phone. Pick from Midnight Blue, Crimson Red and Gun Metal Grey. Whatever matches your Bugatti better.