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Books So Interesting You Might Stop Streaming

We know it’s tough to compete with “Fargo” and Aziz Ansari, but these coffee table books really are worthy of a binge break. Glossy and awesome and bursting with pop culture, our favorite coffee table book collection covers everything from the Rolling Stones’ backstage antics to the secrets of “Saturday Night Live” to the history of the basketball shoe and graffiti art. Happy flipping.

ALL Access: Ken Regan

Book of Rock

Jagger. Dylan. Madonna. The Boss. Aside from being some of your most avid Twitter followers, these rock ‘n’ roll superstars have one other thing in common: they’re all featured in the book All Access: The Rock ‘N’ Roll Photography of Ken Regan ($49.00). Since the ’60’s, Ken Regan has had unique backstage access to the likes of The Beatles, Johnny Cash, The Doors, Janis Joplin, Sting, U2, Carly Simon, and The Who (just to name a few), and they’re all featured here, in this 300 page photo odyssey that documents exactly what kind of long, strange trip rock ‘n’ roll has had over the past 50 years. With a preface by Keith Richards, an Intro by Mick Jagger and an Afterword by James Taylor, we think it’s safe to say this guy is legit. Don’t believe us? Tweet them and find out for yourself.