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Alexander McQueen Bomber Jacket

A Bomb Bomber.

According to the gospel of Jay-Z, if you feelin' like pimp, the thing to do is go and brush your shoulders off. But on those off days when you're feeling less than pimpish, brushing that dirt off your shoulders is easier said than done. On such occasions, slipping into an Alexander McQueen Dégradé Suede Bomber Jacket ($2,565) makes things suddenly seem much better.

This bomb grey suede bomber illustrates the best of Alexander McQueen's edgy design aesthetic, from its Italian-made 100% calf-suede fabric to its precision-cut design, snap-fastening slant pockets, and ribbed jersey trim. The lining features cotton-twill for added wearability and comfort, which is a good thing, because as stylish as this thing is, we’re guessing you’ll be wearing it pretty much every day this fall.

Skull-Handle Umbrella

Rain, Rain, Bring It On!

If you’re anything like the Diddy (which, obviously, you are) you probably have someone on your payroll to carry your umbrella. But this menacing piece of artwork from Alexander McQueen is one you’ll want to wield yourself. Bring the slightly evil Skull-Handle Umbrella ($575) to board meetings or your floor seats during playoffs and let the chilling effigy do the talking. As an added plus, the sculpted brass skull-handled umbrella will look like a cane when folded up in its carrying case. If hip-hop culture has taught us anything it’s that there’s nothing more badass than packing a cane. Welcome to the thug life, brother.