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Nippon Craft Beer

Your New Favorite Brew.

Keeping your Samsung T900 stocked with the world’s finest craft beer makes it easy for you to pair the right beer with the right occasion. You’ve got Whale’s Tale Pale Ale for your clambake in Edgartown, and Mamma Mia! Pizza Beer for homemade pizza nights with Lucy Pinder, but so far you’ve come up short with a pairing for sushi night with Raquel Welch. Enter Nippon Craft Beer. When the Nippon Craft Beer company was established in 2011, they only had one mission: to deliver the best beer to as many people as possible, throughout the entire world. Here’s how they’re doing it. In 2012 they unveiled their first craft beer, Kagua, a unique ale that’s got a little sweetness, a little bitterness, and a whole lot of freshness.

Using only the freshest Japanese herbs such as yuzu and sansho as well as premium yeast, Nippon debuted two styles of Kagua. The first was Blanc–a pale yellow, cloudy ale with a fresh yuzu aroma. This full-bodied brew is slightly bitter with hints of malt and hops. The second style, Rouge, is a rosy dark copper ale with a mixed aroma of spicy sansho and roasted malt. The sweet malt flavoring combined with the bitter hop flavoring gives it a great taste a distinctive spicy finish. Both brews are so tasty that you and Raquel may end up throwing back one too many Kaguas, but no worries. We’ve got a secret hangover cure: Moa Breakfast Beer paired with Spam With Bacon. Kanpai!