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44 North Vodka

Proof God Loves You

If you’ve ever had any doubt that potatoes truly are God’s gift to man (French Fries, Ruffles, Tater Tots, Spuds that look like Newt Gingrich), we have further proof of their divinity: 44° North Vodka ($36.00). This handcrafted spirit is lovingly and naturally made from pure Idaho potatoes and Rocky Mountain Water from the pristine Snake River Aquifer. It goes through a five-column, multi-plate distillation process that elevates the proof of the alcohol while stripping out virtually all the impurities. The result is a smooth, delicious vodka that beats the olives off the big, industrially-sourced, over-distilled, artificially flavored stuff. Speaking of flavors, 44° North also comes flavored with either Mountain Huckleberries or Rainier Cherries. Can I get an “Amen!”