16 Ways To Shed The Holiday Weight

Enko Running Shoes Spotlight Image

1. Enko Running Shoes


For That Spring In Your Step. Literally.

Sure, you have a figurative spring in your step today (it’s a side effect from spending four glorious weeks with Sarah Stage, hotel-hopping from Baja to Venice to Bora Bora), but we know a way you can have a literal spring in your step, which not only looks pretty cool, it’ll save your joints from injury when you run. Introducing the Enko Running Shoes, new on Indiegogo, and created by French designer and developer Christian Freschi. A dedicated runner, Freschi has spent the last 12 years developing the perfect running shoe that not only provides total comfort, it prevents injury by adjusting itself to the weight of the runner as well as his or her running style.

The secret is in the springs (shocker). Enkos deliver high-performance shock absorption, deadening impact and smoothing out your stride. To make sure your pair of Enkos are perfect for you, they’re even calibrated to your specific weight. In addition to lessening impact, Enkos increase your efficiency, conserving and storing energy when your foot touches the ground, and boosting you forward when your heel lifts off again. If that doesn’t make you say, “Wheeeeeeeeee!” we don’t know what will.