Yamaha Y125 MOEGI

Cruisin’ In Style

Your days of riding bikes with Winnie Cooper and Paul Pfeiffer are among the happiest childhood memories you have—oh wait, what’s that? That wasn’t you? It was Fred Savage? On a TV show? Interesting. Ok then, looks like you’re going to have to start creating some new childhood dreams, STAT. We nominate the Yamaha Y125 MOEGI as your dream bike. It’s got the elegant, sweeping frame of an old school cruiser, with the addition of an internal combustion engine lifted from a small-displacement motorcycle. The 125cc fuel-injected single cylinder engine could put out just enough power to putt you down to Winnie’s house. Oh wait, what’s this? It’s just a concept bike? Ok, then scratch that whole childhood dream thing. Kevin Arnold was kind of a dork anyway. Let’s go get a taco.