SUP ATX Inflatable Paddle Board

Don’t Forget To Pack Your Paddle Board.

You’ll never forget the summer you spent in Fiji when your normally impressive six-pack was transformed into a 12-pack. Turns out all that paddle boarding with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model contingent landed you more than just Kate Upton. While your current pad can accommodate Kate (and ten of her closest friends), you have a harder time fitting the 10-12 ft. board. If you want to keep up your core strength without moving to a larger hut, grab the SUP ATX Paddle Anywhere Inflatable SUP travel package ($785). The 10’ 6” inflatable stand up paddleboard features a removable center fin that provides consistent tracking along with 2 smaller side fins. The overall shape makes it a stable inflatable, and the large EVA footpad provides grip. The board comes with a high-pressure spring valve, stainless D rings for securing small cargo, a high pressure pump, 3 piece paddle, fins, and repair kit all stowed in a large backpack. Stuff it in your closet or in the overhead bin. Now the only thing dictating your paddle-boarding locale is your supermodel girlfriend’s shoot schedule.