Steve Jobs’ Venus Yacht

Birds Of A Feather Sail Together

You and Steve Jobs had a lot in common. Besides both conquering the world with your brains and being able to sport turtlenecks without looking like a**holes, Steve was also an avid seaman just like you. It’s true he didn’t have as many boats as you do, but he did spend the last five years working on one that you might find inspirational as you search for your next yacht. Venus, Jobs’ 260 feet yacht, was unveiled during the fall of last year. Made from lightweight aluminum and with windows that are 10 feet tall, she’s a beautiful and majestically modern-looking thing. White and angular, the floating iMac incorporates the design aesthetic of Jobs and French product designer Philippe Starck (known for designing everything from restaurants to street lights to motoroycles, to Lounge Gun Floor Lamps and the Faena Universe in Buenos Aires). Unfortunately, Jobs wasn’t around when the boat was finally finished but was apparently very pleased when he saw final renderings of the design. At the unveiling, Starck said, “Steve and I shared the same idea about elegance of the minimal, the elegance of work well done.” A man clearly after your own heart.