Specialized McLaren Venge

Shaving Seconds

As you proved when you shaved your entire body to beat Max Simmons in a swim meet in 7th grade (yes, of course you had body hair back then), when it comes to maximizing speed, every last detail counts. That’s why the bike gurus at Specialized teamed up with McLaren Applied Technologies—the same guys responsible for the McLaren F1 and the new MP4-12C supercar—to create the fastest performance bike science could conjure up: the Specialized McLaren Venge ($18,000). Specialized designers sought out to combine the wind cheating elements of the Shiv (their aerodynamic road bike used for triathlons) with the stiffness and lightweight aspects of the Tarmac (the lightest, stiffest, fastest bikes on the road). Together with McLaren engineers, they employed materials, fabrication processes and exhaustive layup schedules that have never before been used in the world of cycling. The innovations they came up with include a super light, Sub 950-gram frame, a 1-piece bottom bracket/chainstay to maximize stiffness, resist deflection under extreme pedal loads, and improve power transfer, plus Full Internal Cable Routing for brake and shifter cables for improved aerodynamics. Then there’s the FACT Carbon 3:1 Airfoil Fork to optimize lateral stiffness and handling, and a Reversible, 3:1 Bladed Carbon Seatpost to optimize aerodynamics. Better bust out your Bold For Men Shave Gel and join Dollar Shave Club. Because if you can’t win your next tri with the Venge, it’s definitely due to unruly arm hair.