Snow Crawler

Winter Fun. Hold The Cold.

Like any outdoorsman worth his salt, the cold can’t penetrate your tough exterior. You would happily help your friend train for the Iditarod across Alaska, or sleep outside in Greenland, just to catch the perfect photo of Aurora Borealis (that’s Northern Lights to you laymen) with your Sony A5000. But if you want Coco Rocha to start coming with you on your winter getaways, you’re going to have to find a way to have fun outside that offers a little more creature comfort, i.e. warmth.

Which is why we’re really hoping this cool Snow Crawler concept comes to fruition someday. This sleek snowmobile has a totally enclosed, cozy cabin to keep icicles from forming on your eyelashes as you go dashing through the snow. The Snow Crawler features back wheels like a tank and two sleek rails, for excellent handling, and when you combine that with an efficient electric drivetrain, you and Coco can pretty much get anywhere. Fast. Oh what fun it is to ride!