Skyacht One

If Yachts Could Fly

If you’ve ever thought, “Damn, I really love the luxury of my Superyacht, but it sucks that it can’t get me from New York to London in six hours,” we feel you. But before you go trying to stick a set of wings on that 55-footer of yours, check out the Skyacht One, the ultra-luxe plane that’s decked out with premium materials like rich mahogany, embossed leather, brass, silver, gold, platinum and elegant nautical and navigational touches that seamlessly blend sea and sky.

Built from a Embraer’s Flagship Lineage 1000E aircraft (or refitted on the plane of your choice), everything about the Skyacht One is state-of-the-art. Designed by Edward Sotto, the Skyacht One boasts a Main Cabin with a Chesterfield Sofa and a Cocktail Bar, plus skyport windows and intelligent cabin lighting that change color to set the mood.

The suede-padded Master Suite is decked out with a Queen Size bed, silk carpeting and a private bathroom and shower with a walnut and gold sink, plus Vintage Fornasetti accessories. There’s also a Galley, Chartroom and Conference Room, because obviously, you have important business to conduct at 30,000 feet, even if you’re in your Feejays.