Sherp ATV

Tundra-Tested. Siberia-Approved.

We realize that the obvious, warm-weather vacation spots like Cabo, Fiji and Bali are completely enchanting, with their palm trees, umbrella drinks and overwater bungalows. But as photographer Chris Burkard has proven time and time again, there’s beauty in the colder regions of this big wide world too—as long as you don’t get stuck out there and die. Make sure that doesn’t happen with a Sherp ATV (price on inquiry).

This Russian-built ATV was tested in the world’s most remote places, from the Siberian Taiga to the mountains of the Kola Peninsula, to ensure that it’s pretty much unstoppable. The Sherp can cover it all—water, ice, swamps, you name it. With a clearance of 25.5 inches, this badboy can tramp over any barriers from fallen trees to fallen KGB spies. Hey, you never know what you’re going to find out there in the Tundra.