Segway MiniPRO

Glide On Through 

So your hoverboard burst into flames at Burning Man. And while it was quite apropos, it also left you without a set of wheels that’s faster than walking but not as fast as your Ferrari. Enter the Segway MiniPRO ($1000), the new self-balancing scooter that’s as smart as it is fun to ride.

At just 28 lbs, the MiniPRO is lightweight and portable, and its cool, ergonomic design lets you steer with a knee control bar, making said steering easier and more precise than anything you’d experience with a two-wheeled hoverboards—and did we mention that it’s also less likely to burst into flames?

Precision sensors work to capture your body’s movements and help maintain balance easily, as you travel up to 10 mph on the MiniPRO’s 1600 watt engine. Its dual-motor engine also lets you bust up hills as steep as 15° and its 10.5” pneumatic, air-filled tires give you military-grade shock resistance on the road.

Headlights and tail lights are adjustable for safe riding at night, lighting the way up to 15 feet in front of you, but maybe the coolest feature is the Bluetooth app that adds advanced features like antitheft security, a remote control function, Firmware updates and LED light customization, which should come in really handy at Burning Man.