Outside Van

Go Outside. In A Van.

You want to live in a van down by the river? That’s your business. You want to take a van on all kinds of nature-filled adventures? Get an Outside Van ($39k-$100+k). These badboys are tricked out for your outdoor pleasure, and there are multiple trim levels to choose from, from the simplest to a complete custom job built to your specifications.

Keep it simple with the Core vans that can be gutted to fit equipment like up to four bikes, a shelf for additional gear, even a bed. When you get into Configurable vans with heat and power, you can opt for a Shadow Cruiser, that can stash up to three motorbikes and an add-on platform for your sleeping bag. Cool exterior additions include Surf/SUP racks, all-terrain tires and LED light bars.

The Ground Talon is the Mac Daddy, with a compact galley kitchen that features a sink, stove and fridge, sleeping quarters, storage space, a shower and solar panels to keep it green. Or you can custom design your own Outside Van to be whatever your heart desires. So now that we think about it, living in a van down by the river doesn’t sound that bad after all.